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Why Choose BC?

Honesty, Reliability, Quality, Value


BC Communities new leadership team operates with the highest level of honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times. We firmly believe our business is built on strong, lasting relationships and that these relationships can only be cultivated and sustained through an ethical and moral approach, sound business practices and open and honest communication at all times. It is because of our beliefs and commitment to them that BC Communities is your best choice in property management services.


BC Communities has a strong reputation for delivering on its promises. Our trustworthy team members are hands on professionals with experience in all facets of community association management. We routinely and consistently visit our properties to ensure all operations run smoothly and continuously. We’re experts at problem solving in the most efficient manner, with our turnkey solutions and experience in resolving association issues over the last 20+ years.


The foundation of our business is built from our commitment to sound work ethic and experience. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of property management, and have collaborated and worked to build proven strategies and processes to make our services as reliable and efficient as possible. Our primary focus is always on customer satisfaction and attention to detail throughout all phases of management with proactive communication to board members, owners, and contractors.

No Hidden or Extra Cost

BC Communities does not believe in charging for extras. Our clients are only responsible for basic administrative charges such as postage and printing. We do not charge for additional expenses such as long-distance calls, emergency calls, or extra mailings. In fact, we don’t have any set-up fees or hidden costs that will have you questioning your bottom line.

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